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Welcome to Donggang group

Donggang industry &trade group co., LTD. Is located in the middle of zhejiang port city of taizhou jiaojiang, company was founded in 1981, after more than 30 years of development, the enterprise has grown into a remarkable achievements in the field of dyes, metallurgical, real estate, import and export, education, hotel, finance, logistics in one of the state-level large-scale private enterprise group.


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Donggang cultural

Donggang road

Starting point: in 1981, creating the wangs building materials factory.

Donggang party

In June 1985, the company established the party organization.

Donggang spirit

The pursuit of excellence

Business philosophy

Good faith cooperation,a win-win situation

Enterprise vision

Lead the world "donggang blue"

Public welfare activities

In August 2006, donated 300000 yuan to the people in the disaster areas.

A type Za dye

The main products are: 221 (normal), reactive blue blue 221 (SP), reactive blue and reactive blue FN - 220 R.-R。

Three benzene and two well lamictal

The main products are: Reactive Blue 198, reactive blue k-rl and reactive blue fng.

Reactive brilliant blue KN - R

All the varieties at home and abroad in the production of reactive blue 19 largest output, good weight.

Printing dye

Main products: reactive blue 49 and reactive blue F-3R

Fly xia harbor

Fly xia harbor with vision and boldness, create 40% high afforestation rate of human community.

Donggang talents apartment

Donggang talents apartment of donggang industrial and trading group using the construction of land institution for affordable housing projects.



Harbour garden

Regional development prospects, community through reasonable planning, with beautiful environment.

Reactive dyes intermediates

The main products are between 1 - amino anthraquinone, ester, amine oil, bromamine acid sodium salt, etc

Golden bay

Golden bay follow the principle of people-oriented design, meticulously designed for honorable owner.